Ultradent Valo Light Cure Unit Lenses


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Ultradent Valo Light Cure Unit Lenses


PointCure Lens

This magnetic lens provides pinpoint curing of small composites and is helpful for tack curing veneers. (Not yet available for VALO Grand light.)

TransLume Lenses (Green and Orange)

The green lens aids in locating and demonstrating cracks and subsurface differences. The penetrating ability of the orange lens shows the obstruction to light caused by posts or internal bubbles. (Not yet available for VALO Grand light.)

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Black Light Lens

The Black Light lens is used to detect fluorescent particles in resins for easy differentiation from natural enamel. (Not yet available for VALO Grand light.)

EndoGuide Lens

This special lens is helpful for curing apical retrofills and other narrow preparations. (Not yet available for VALO Grand light.)

Valo Point Cure Lens (5934):

  • 2 x PointCure lenses

Valo Trans Lume Lenses (5937):

  • 1 x Orange lens
  • 1 x Green lens

Valo Black Light Lens (5939):

  • 1 x Black Light lens

Valo Endo Guide Lens (5938):

  • 1 x EndoGuide lense

Valo Proxicure Ball Lenses (5936) :

  • 1 x Large lens
  • 1 x Small lens


How concentrated does the light become with the PointCure lens attached?

  • The light is focused to a 2.5mm aperture, which makes it ideal for tacking veneers and all-porcelain crowns.

How long do veneers and crowns need to be tack cured with the PointCure lens?

  • For veneers, a 1-second tack cure with VALO on high power mode is all you need. For all-porcelain crowns, a 2-second cure with VALO on high power mode from the occlusal surface is sufficient in most cases.

Can TransLume lenses be used for curing?

  • No.

How should the various lenses be cleaned?

  • Cold disinfect the lenses using any surface disinfectant. Do not use an ultrasonic to clean the lenses. Do not autoclave.

How do the lenses attach to the VALO?

  • Each lens is magnetically attached to the head of the light. The magnet is strong enough for a secure attachment, but still allows for easy detachment at the right time.

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