VDW M2 Rotary

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One easy and safe system from preparation to obturation. One sequence for all types of root canal. Highly flexible due to small instrument core and s-shaped cross-section

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VDW M2 Rotary


  • 2 File Shaping System
  • S Shaped Cross Section
  • 2nd Generation Rotary File
  • Reliable mechanical glide path


  • No blocking with dentine chips
  • No blocking of instruments
  • High flexibility
  • A shaft length of 11 mm facilitates easier access to molars.
  • Reliable mechanical glide path for initial preparation with instrument sizes 10/.04 and 15/.05.
  • M two instruments have an s-shaped cross-section and two efficient cutting edges.
  • In addition, M two is designed with minimum radial contact as well as large and deep flutes for continuous upwards evacuation of dentine chips.
  • The instrument core is designed for maximum flexibility, however, without compromising the instrument‘s strength

Key Specification

  • 2 File Shaping System

  • S Shaped Cross Section

  • Effective shaping

  •  Reliable mechanical glide path

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