Dental Avenue Auve Prep

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  • Dental Avenue Avueprep is a root canal irrigant used for teeth bonding and also softens infected dentine.
  • This avueprep acts as antibacterial effect in the canal and removes smear layer.
  • This irrigant is used for debridement in the root canal and its UreaPeroxide interacts with Avuechlor produces oxygen bubbles which flush out the debris.
  • Dental avenue avueprep lubricates instrument movement, eliminates instrument binding and breakages.

Avueprep Is A Water Soluble Ethylene Diaminete Traacetic Acid (EDTA) Gel For Root Canal Cleaning.


Chelates calcium from calcified root canal
• Softens infected Dentine
• Helps widening and shaping the canals
• Best suited for Debridement in root canal
• Removes smear layer
• Antibacterial effect in the canal
• Helps clearance of Dentinal tubules & Apical area

Key Specification

  • EDTA Disodium Salt – 15% w/w
  • Carbamide Peroxide – 10% w/w
  • Lubricants and Excipients
Categories: Endodontics, Obturation material Tag: Ethylenediaminetetracetic acid (EDTA) gel
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