Dentsply Barricaid Periodontal Surgical Dressing

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Dentsply Barricaid Periodontal Surgical Dressing


  • Visible light-cured
  • Single component
  • Saves time
  • Tasteless & translucent
  • Available in syringe
  • Superior esthetics
  • Allows direct and indirect placement



  • Visible Light Cure Periodontal Surgical Dressing is an advanced concept in the protection of periodontal surgical sites.
  • This single-component, light-activated periodontal dressing eliminates the time-consuming mixing of pastes.
  • Furthermore, Barricaid® gives the clinician total control over the placement and setting of the periodontal packing material.
  • Curing of the material can be accomplished with a visible light-curing unit to form a non-brittle, but firm, protective elastic covering.
  • Incremental additions of the material, which bond adherently, can be made in the mouth without any special prior surface preparation.
  • The dressing is tinted pink, is tasteless, and has a translucent character which allows for superior esthetics, as well as site monitoring.



  • routine periodontal pack for surgery.
  • protective pack for extraction sites.
  • sealing antimicrobial agents after placement in perio pockets.
  • protecting the surface over orthodontic bands.



  • Visible light-cured periodontal dressing Barricaid is easily applied, offers a perfect color match with no unpleasant taste or smell; hence, the patient is not hesitant to carry out his routine activities.
  • It is biocompatible, offers good retentivity, and only a thin layer is required to be applied. So, the higher cost of dressing is a mere illusion, and it does not limit its application in clinical practice.
  • Barriciad proves to be a better alternative to Coe-pak as a dressing material, as it overcomes the limitations of Coe-pak.



4 syringes in a pack



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