Dentsply Endo-Z Tungsten carbide Bur (1 pc)


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Dentsply Endo-Z Tungsten carbide Bur (1 pc)


  • The Endo-Z’s long tapered configuration allows easy access to the canal orifices and funnel shaping of the chamber walls.
  • It’s six specially designed tungsten-carbide spiral blades but cleanly while lifting debris coronally along it’s flutes.
  • The non-cutting tip helps prevent damage to the chamber floor or walls.



The Endo Z bur is a tapered and safe-ended carbide bur 
This bur is popular in that its noncutting end can be safely placed directly on the pulpal floor without a risk of perforation.



  • The Endo Z bur’s lateral cutting edges are used to flare, flatten, and refine the internal axial walls.



  • Allow easy access to canal orifice.
  • Non-cutting tip prevents damage to the chamber floor or walls.



  • The cutting surface of the Endo-Z bur is 9mm.
  • The total length is 21mm.
  • Available in one size, in FG. 



1 pc



After initial penetration, the long, tapered Endo-Z bur can be used to create a funnel shape for easier access in the pulp chamber. The rounded, non-cutting, safe-ended tip prevents penetration of the pulp chamber floor or the root canal walls.


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