Primedent Glass Inomer Light-Cured Kit (Pay for 1 & Get 1 Free)


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Primedent Glass Inomer Light-Cured Kit (Pay for 1 & Get 1 Free)

Primera Dental offers Glass Ionomer Light Cured Kit from Primedent, a “Made in USA” brand, also a leading manufacturer and importer of dental products and materials in India. It has continued to provide superior quality products to dental professionals, especially cements and restorative materials. Primedent Glass Ionomer Light cure material is available online in “Buy 1 Get 1” OFFER for dental professional to buy easily.

Key Features of Primedent Glass Ionomer Light:

• Superior aesthetics and functional advantages helping to meet the patient’s expectations.

• It has fine particles of glass that allows for improved density and guarantees a more enticing, smoother and shinier finish.

• Specially – designed filler that facilitate the process of light curing through the crown and bridge material enabling it to transmit light and exhibit a glassy appearance.

• It has a unique fluoride – releasing property, which prevents secondary caries, for patients at high risk of caries.

• Primedent glass ionomer cement bonds with the enamel and the dentin enabling the exchange of fluoride and hydroxyl ions offering high resistance and durability to the restoration.

• It can be used for tooth restoration of anterior and posterior tooth of both the arches.

• Ion exchange also allows its use as a restoration for cervical erosions/abfraction lesions, Class III, Class V and Sandwich Technique.

• Because of its excellent chemical adhesion with the tooth structure, this is the most suitable product used for core build – ups under a bridge or a crown, also for base or liner.

• It offers excellent retention of the overlying crown along with high degree of hardness.

Product Specifications of Primedent Glass Ionomer Light

  • Weight: 454 grams
  • Pack contents: Powder and liquid system with a spatula and paper pad
  • Surface: Glassy
  • Shade: A2, A3

Operational Instructions:

• Take out the required quantity of powder and liquid on a paper pad.

• Use a gentle folding motion and mix for about 15 seconds to reach the desired consistency for use as a restorative material, core build material or luting agent.

• Then, carefully apply the cement into the prepared tooth allowing it to flow over the surface and dry.

• You can then polish the cement to obtain the desired aesthetics.

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