Shofu All Ceramic Preparation Kit

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Shofu All Ceramic Preparation Kit


The All Ceramic Preparation kit is specially created with an exclusive range of diamond burs for simple, efficient and accurate tooth preparation for full-ceramic, inlay/onlay and veneer restorations.


  • A careful selection of a total of 17 burs for speedy, simple and accurate all-ceramic preparation work.
  • 2 specially designed depth cutting burs to achieve precise depth orientation grooves for accurate labial reduction during crown and veneer preparation.
    Sequenced grades of 2 grits.
  • Regular: (no marking on the shank) Super-Fine:(yellow band on the shank)
    All 17 burs are placed in a hygienically organized bur stand for convenient storage and easy replacement.
  • The special selection of 17 burs are created for clinical application in:896, 897: Specially designed burs for the preparation of depth orientation grooves.896: 0.5 mm depth for all ceramic laminate veneer preparation897: 1.0 mm depth for anterior tooth, all ceramic crown preparation0836, 836V: Designed to prepare the anterior tooth, buccal surface of upper and lower pre-molar or cervical area on the lingual surface. Use 1/2 – 2/3 of the diameter. Head length 9 mm, diameter 1.3 mm with tapered angle of 4°0839, 839V: Designed to prepare buccal and lingual surfaces of upper and lower molar teeth. For cervical area use 2/3 of the diameter. Head length 9 mm, diameter 1.5 mm with tapered angle of 20°0893, 893V: Designed for cutting upper / lower anterior tooth on lingual surface (to maintain occlusal space) and lower pre-molar on occlusal area. Head length 4.9 mm0899, 899V: Designed to reduce an upper pre-molar and the occlusal surface of an upper/ lower molar to maintain the occlusal space. Tapered 20° angle808V: Use this diamond bur after the preparation is finished to eliminate the free enamel in the cervical area. Use a lower speed to avoid chipping the enamel. Head length 8 mm0833, 833V: Designed to slice cut at the interproximal surface or box preparation at the interproximal surface of class II inlay restoration. Use ½ the diameter, except when preparing the lingual cervical area of a lower anterior tooth use 2/3 the diameter. Head length 9 mm, diameter 1.1 mm (at the top of working part) with tapered 4° angle0825, 825V, 0826, 826V: Designed to prepare the occlusal box-form of an upper / lower pre-molar and molar0826, 826V: Used for occlusal box-form for upper and lower molar. Head length 3.5 mm, diameter 1.5 mm and 2 mm with tapered 20° angle

Maximum recommended speed for the burs:
Less than 300,000 rpm: 0825, 0833, 0836, 0839, 0896, 808V, 825V, 833V, 825V, 893V
Less than 160,000 rpm: 0826, 0893, 826V, 893V
Less than 120,000 rpm: 0897, 0899, 899V
Recommended load: 0 – 0.8 N

The Kit [PN 0955] contains:

  • 17 pcs of Diamond Points FG in 2 different grits (Regular & Superfine)

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