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Woodpecker Surgery X

Woodpecker DTE Surgery X, a piezosurgery unit to perform precise and safe osteotomy dental surgical procedures. It is a 3rd generation equipment.

Controlling various surgery with a piezosurgery handpiece is excellent because compared to a drill, the force needed by surgeons to impact a cut on a hard tissue is much less. The burs operated by a micromotor require greater force, produced by imposing increased hand pressure.

It is used for various surgical procedures such as minimally invasive tooth extraction, direct or indirect sinus lift, alveoloplasty, retrograde endo, apicoectomy, crown extension, alveolar ridge splitting, implant site preparation, impaction, etc.

Key Features of Woodpecker Ultrasurgery X:

  • Enhanced precision in bone cutting with a soft tissue-sparing technique that does not injure to the blood vessels, mucous membrane, gingiva, tongue, etc.
  • Micrometric bone cutting for reduced patient stress and post-operative trauma.
  • Faster healing because of the ultrasonic vibration that activates the osteoblastic cells.
  • Cavitation the effect that causes micro-coagulation and helps in better visibility of the operation field that enables bloodless bone surgery.
  • Clear 7-inch touch screen with easy cleaning to allow ease of operation.
  • LED Handpiece with latest sealing technology for enhanced performance and easy for autoclaving that reduced the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Cold Cutting Mode to protect the tissue structures from necrosis.
  • Athermic tips that are very durable and resistant to corrosion.
  • Availability of different types of kits (Endo/Perio/Implant/Osteotomy/Extraction) provides flexible operation to the dentist.
  • Multifunctional foot control for the dentist to allow aseptic operation.
  • Availability of clean mode to flush out the liquid that enhances the life of the tubings, along with this disinfects the whole tubing.

Available Modes:

  • Bone Mode: As per the bone density, the power level is adjusted in the unit to avoid any unwanted accidents during any surgical procedure.
  1. Class I Bone: Level 5,6,7 (Bone with very high density)
  2. Class II Bone: Level 3 & 4 (Bone with high density)
  3. Class III Bone: Level 2 & 3 (Bone with uniform bone density)
  4. Porous bone: Level 1 & 2 (Bone with very low density)
  • Perio Mode (Bone under the level of the gum)
  • Endo Mode (Retrograde endo surgical procedures)
  • Clean Mode (Step on the foot pedal for 3s during the cleaning mode to start the cleaning process. All of the tubings can be fully washed within 25 sec. The tubings should be washed after each procedure.)

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 276mm x 267mm x 110mm
  • Intermittent Running Device: Intermittent Running with 10s pause after the 60s operation
  • Water Flow:  25~ 110ml/m
  • Power: 5 – 70W
  • Mains Voltage: 100-240V
  • Working Frequency: 24-36KHZ
  • Weight: 2.8 kg
  • Vibration the amplitude of tip: 20- 100 mm
  • Surgical Incision: 3.5mm long, 0.5mm wide

Operational Instructions:

Plugin the device and wait for 2 sec for the device to be on. Then select the mode, water & power as per the requirement. Attach the required tip and tighten it with the torque wrench. Now the unit is ready for use.

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